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Mrs Helena Adukwei Kofi
1943 - 2021

You will be dearly missed. Rip Ghana

Helena Kofi was born on October 1 1943 and died on August 16, 2021. Please leave a tribute below in memory of our beloved Helena.

  1. Archbishop Susanna Amarteifio - September 16, 2021 reply

    Tribute by Archbishop Susanna  Amarteifio. (Zaa Atenua shika feo nii).
    Job 19 v 25.
    For l know that my redeemer liveth and He shall  stand at latter day upon the Earth.
    It is with great sorrow  and deep sadness that l am paying my last respect to you Sister Adukwei. Ohhh what a sudden departure!!.
    I have known Sister Adukwei all my life as we all lived as children in Osu  Ngano as one big family. Sister Adukwei was my big cousin and we used to go on errands and
    l will come back and compose a detailed  accounts on what happened on our way in a song.

    We lost touch  with each other when she married and travelled abroad but we got  reconnected again when l came to  the UK .
    We talked on the phone all the time. Our last conversation was in April when I  lost my husband and she called to render her deepest condolences to me and to strengthen me. I promised to come and visit her on my return to London but you couldn’t wait for me.
    Ohhh Sister Adukwei why so soon after Sister  Naa Tsawe? May God Almighty grant you  rest till we meet on the golden streets. My  only consolation is in (philippians1 v 21 )
    For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain.
    Minyemiyoo Adukwei waawo jogbaa
    Rest in perpetual peace.

  2. Sister Oforiwaa (cousin) - September 15, 2021 reply

    Tribute by Sister Oforiwaa (cousin)
    Ecclesiastes 3v1
    I have fought the good fight,
    I have finished the race,
    I have kept the faith,
    Now there is in store for me the crown of  righteousness which the Lord the righteous Judge will reward to me on that day .
    Sister Adukwei and myself as cousins grew up in the same household at Osu Ngano, we played and had fun during our childhood. We also helped with the family business selling fruits. We separated as adults when Sister Adukwei traveled abroad but we always met up whenever she came to Ghana and the last time I saw her was at uncle Johnny’s funeral.
    Sister Adukwei you should have stayed a little bit longer as your siblings have all gone but who am I to question God?
    Our God is in heaven and He does what he pleases (psalm 115 v 1)
    All four of you are now resting under the wings of the Almighty
    Rest in Eternal peace
    Wo jogbann Sister Adukwei.

  3. Mary Aa Leengnoi Opintan - September 15, 2021 reply

    Tribute by Mary Aa Leengnoi Opintan

    I have fought a good fight,
    I have finished the race,
    I have kept the faith.
    Now there is in store for me crown of  righteousness,  which the Righteous Judge will award to me on that day. (2nd Timothy 4 :7-8)
    Ohhh how can I forget!!
    Auntie Adukwei my beautiful, Wise Counsellor, gist buddy and friend.
    I have so many wonderful memories of you growing up and I owe my love of rings, cooking and to match dressing to you my beautiful down to earth Auntie.
    I first saw you when you, uncle Frank, Adjetey and Papa Nii came back from a posting from Senegal and stayed with us at Osu Ringway Estates. I still remember your delicious meals you cooked for us and your love for flowers. Infact you turned Ringway Estates into a little heaven with your many parties and made our home very popular for children and adults alike. I lost touch with your family when you located to France in 1981 but l  reconnected with you when I relocated to UK and our Auntie/Niece relationship continued. I came over several times to visit you in France and you were ever so proud of me and introduced me to your  numerous children, friends and acquaintances. I even got free gifts from your friends at the Saturday market near your house. Ohhh Auntie Adukwei why so soon after your sisters demise?
    My gist buddy l will miss your phone calls, when l am overwhelmed by life challenges, you consoled me  and used family  jokes to cheer me up, which we will laugh till our lungs aches and you will say ” kaahani mi wulomo teshie” meaning  don’t let me laugh to invoke my coughing”.  I will  forever miss you especially our midnight gist and laughter that wakes my girls up. Your love for flowers, shoes and bags, to match dressing, cooking and entertaining is something out of this world and you will be dearly missed.
    Ohhh Auntie Adukwei you have left so many hearts broken and l am really devastated beyond words as l promised to come and visit  and tell you  everything after Mum’s funeral in Ghana. Auntie why  didn’t you wait for the gist. Hmmmm
    “Adukwei  l walk alone ” were your favourite sayings  but I know that you are  not alone anymore as you have united with your dearest Nii Laryea (Akwete Police), Nanaa, Uncle daddy, Mum and Papa.
    Auntie Adukwei you are gone but you are forever in our hearts.
    Auntie Adukwei Rest in perpetual peace till the last trumpet blows.
    Waawo jogbann Adukwei efee noko.

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Funeral Service 10:30 am 24 August 2021 Eglise Catholique St Nicolas de-Flue Rue de Montbrilliant, 57-5 1202 Geneva
Burial After the funeral service 24 August 2021 Petit-Scaonnex Cemetery Chemin Moise-Duboule, 12 1209 Geneva
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