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R.I.P Ghana is a new memorial platform created for Ghanaians and lovers of Ghana, at home and abroad, to help family and friends grieve following the death of a loved one.

This is often a time filled with deep sadness and upsetting memories of the departed. R.I.P Ghana is a comforting online meeting place, as well as a range of practical resources designed to help the bereaved to cope with their loss and manage the various administrative procedures that also need to be carried out.

Anyone who has been through a bereavement knows about the torrent of phone calls, messages, and visits at the time when they are at their most vulnerable in grieving.  It is easy to swing between welcoming the attention and needing to be alone. R.I.P Ghana’s online platform means one can choose how and when to engage with the many sympathisers and well-wishers at a time that suits them best.

It can be bewildering for incredulous relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbours to come to terms with losing a loved one, so the R.I.P Ghana platform provides a shared space for expressing condolences and offering heartfelt messages at such a difficult time.

By creating a memorial to the departed on R.I.P Ghana, you honour their memory. Photographs, tributes, and messages recalling special moments together allow a permanent record to be set up and shared all over the globe

Anniversaries are important for celebrating the life of the departed. Create a permanent memorial with activity details, photos, tributes and cherished memories. You can share this page with family and friends who can contribute by commenting and adding their photos and tributes.

Make your announcements on R.I.P Ghana, upload digital flyers and notices, and share these by social media. Whether it’s to announce a loved one’s passing, to inform about the dates and arrangements for a one-week celebration or the funeral, or thereafter to send thanks to all those who help make the final activities a success.

Above all, it’s FREE!


The R.I.P Ghana Team


R.I.P Ghana – We will always remember them…

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